Bike Fitting


Full Bike Fit and Physical Assessment

We offer a comprehensive, evidence based and precise bike fitting service that enable us to get you riding as efficiently as possible. Whether you are suffering from pain, recurrent injury or discomfort our physiotherapy based bike fitting service can provide you with the answers you have been looking for. Our bike fitting service can help you get the most out of your time on the bike, through injury prevention as well as performance, comfort and efficiency enhancement. No matter which discipline you ride: road, cross country, cyclocross, enduro, track, time trial, triathlon; we have you covered. We are passionate cyclists ourselves, so we can relate to your goals and assist you in achieving them.


How are we different?

Physiotherapists are trained in biomechanical analysis, injury prevention and treatment. All of these skills are essential to executing the ideal bike fit. Technology advances such as video analysis definitely plays a crucial role in a quality bike fit, however this is only one component. The underlying skillset and anatomical and physiological knowledge as well as clinical experience and time on the bike all form a much more vital component. Due to this a physiotherapist with professional bike training is the most qualified person to assist you in getting you cycling to your best.

Most bike fits are based on ‘average’ body type for a cyclist, unfortunately there is no such thing. The majority of bike fit systems on the market are based on the process. This is why these systems have limitations in allowing you to get the most out of your bike.

Our bike fitting is fully tailored to you, your level of fitness and what you are aiming to achieve with your cycling. We are able to set your bike to suit you to address your pattern of muscle activation, joint and muscle flexibility, muscle strength and co-ordination. Due to your bike fit being performed with our physiotherapists we are able to identify any potential causes for injury or inefficiency and treat your body, to allow you to get the most out of it for you.


Will a bike fit help me even if I am currently riding painfree?

A quality bike fit will offer benefit to anyone; if you’re new to the sport it will assist you to get comfortable and in control of your bike as well as develop the ideal pedal stroke and rider position before bad habits start to limit your development. At the other end of the spectrum if you’re a seasoned racer, you run the risk of overuse injuries due to the higher intensity and volume on the bike. The optimal bike fit will help keep these at bay and allow you to get the most out of your bike.

By assessing your bike and yourself through a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment we are able to make the necessary changes to get you riding pain free, efficiently, comfortably and fast.


I’m booked in, what do I need to bring with me:

  • You

  • Your riding gear

  • Your bike (Clean)

  • Any relevant medical history

  • An understanding of your cycling goals and style of cycling.

*As your bike fit is a physiotherapy consultation you may be able to claim part of the cost on your private health fund, depending on your insurer and level of cover.

If you have any questions give us a call on 07 5478 8500.