Functional Strength Classes

(Formally known as Clinical Pilates)


Functional Strength Classes focuses on strengthening your core and improving postural awareness.  It is especially well indicated for the alleviation and prevention of back, neck and joint pain.

The functional strengths class philosophy is fewer, more precise movements, requiring control and technique over increased repetition. Creating what is a method of total body conditioning.

What Functional Strength Classes can offer:-

  • Longer, leaner muscles (less bulk, more freedom of movement)

  • Improved postural awareness

  • Increased core strength/stability and peripheral mobility

  • Prevention of injury

  • Enhanced functional fitness, Ease of movement

  • Balanced strength & flexibility

  • Heightened body awareness

  • No-impact – easy on the joints

  • Customized exercises for everyone from rehabilitation patients to elite athletes

  • Improved performance in sports (skating, dance, cricket, football etc)

  • Improved balance, coordination and circulation

  • Our classes build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine.


These results are unlike any other type of exercise, so if you feel as though you have tried everything else without the outcome you want, try our functional strength class. You can expect improved flexibility and increased mobility, improvement with your posture, balance & coordination.

Functional strength classes also offers more specific benefits such as improvement to pelvic floor function, which is very important for any mothers out there, also bone density and lung capacity enhancement which is beneficial for all of us. Age is no barrier as the exercises can be tailored to your own requirements and abilities. If you would like to get started please call the office to make a time for a consultation with our Physiotherapist so we can identify which level of functional strength class would best suit you.