Royce graduated from James Cook University with a strong interest in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy. Over the years Royce has enjoyed completing a number of courses to further develop his evidence based treatment methods including Pilates, Dry Needling, Lyn Watson Shoulder Course and Bike Fitting.

Royce has always had a keen interest in all disciplines of cycling. This combined with his interest in evidence based physiotherapy has led to him undergoing further training to become a professional bike fitter. By having your bike set up correctly it facilitates optimal performance out of yourself and your equipment whilst assisting in injury prevention and recovery.

Royce’s goals are:

  • Take a thorough history to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition

  • Devise a treatment plan that meets your goals and needs

  • Provide a hands on treatment approach based on the latest research and evidence

  • Work together with your medical team to achieve the best outcome in your recovery

  • Educate and teach you long term strategies and prevention programs to keep you fit into the future